What is a brand voice?

What is a brand voice?

I have a voice, James Bond has a voice, Stevie Wonder has a voice, and you my friend have a mighty fine set of pipes. We’ve all got our own unique tone and style. But, if your brand doesn’t have a voice, then how will it stand out? Answer: it won’t.

So, what is a brand voice? Simply put, it’s the consistent style that your brand uses to communicate with words. This voice gives every piece of content that your brand creates an injection of its personality. It also makes the content compelling, appealing, and exciting. The content itself will get people to start reading, but your brand voice is what will get them to keep reading and make them hungry for more.

Some people think that a brand voice is just part of your brand identity. It’s just like any other element, like a logo or letterhead. But, that’s not the case. A brand identity is updated and adjusted every few years to keep it fresh. It’s a commodity in this sense. But, a brand voice comes from a much deeper, more powerful place. Where is that place?

MailChimp understands the power of a brand voice

MailChimp can help you do anything email related. They have great products. So great, that I’m even a customer. But, another great thing that they have is an amazing brand. They take branding so seriously, that they’ve even made custom reaction gifs (see for yourself here: http://blog.mailchimp.com/mailchimp-is-on-giphy/). Like this one:


We can also see their brand voice in every piece of content they create. Take their old 404 page as an example:

MailChimp is clever and appealing because it has a brand voice. They go so far in making everything they do unique, that you can’t help but be entertained by their brand voice. They’re truly a great example of how a brand voice can work in conjunction with a brand identity.

So, a brand voice is part of my brand identity?

Not really. A brand voice is separate from a brand identity. Many times your brand voice will even influence or dictate your brand identity. This is because brand voices come from a very genuine place, whereas brand identities are more easily influenced by customers and competitors.

A lot of small and mid-sized companies don’t have a unique brand voice because they think their brand identity is more important. This means they focus on visual designs because they think it’s the most valuable use of money, or because they don’t understand why they should have a brand voice. Don’t fall into that trap.

In recent years, large companies have shifted their focus from solely worrying about the visuals and have started creating a unique voice. This unique voice isn’t something that just touches their major advertisements, it reaches its hands into every way the company communicates with consumers. They recognize that to be easily identified, they need to communicate in a way that’s special to them in everything they do.

Why do I need a brand voice?

Why does this matter to you though? Your company has worked out OK so far. Will a brand voice really make that big of a difference?

It’s true that many businesses do just fine focusing on brand identity or creating great products. But, if there’s a way to strengthen your brand identity or better highlight your products, why wouldn’t you do it?

A brand voice is a supplement to what you’re already doing right. It’s a performance enhancer that’s 100% legal and proven to benefit businesses. It takes everything you’re already doing, website, email, ads, etc., and pushes them a step further. In this way, your content will be working with your brand identity instead of detracting from it.

What will my brand voice look like?

Traditionally, companies keep their brand voice pretty simple. They come up with a few top qualities, slap together some topics and examples, and then let their content producers run wild. This is a good start. But, it’s not enough for us at Brand Voice Marketer. After all, our goal is to be the leader in brand voices.

To us, a brand voice is the unique style that your company uses when it communicates with words, whether these are written or spoken. We like to compare this to an author’s writing style. You can identify Dr. Seuss by his whimsical rhymes nearly immediately. His style is unique and associated with him.

Similarly, brands need to develop their own voice. This will be based on three main factors:

  1. Your brand’s core values.
  2. Your brand’s products and services.
  3. Your brand’s target market.

By taking these into consideration, your brand will communicate in a way that’s appealing and compelling. It will connect with your market on an emotional level, adding more heft to everything you have to say. It can also build fierce loyalty in consumers, making your brand even more sustainable.

Think of a good friend. They understand you, are good listeners, provide you with just the advice you need, and make you laugh. You won’t abandon that friend. You’ll stick closer to them because you feel a real connection. Having a brand voice will help customers to view your company as a friend. They won’t abandon your brand for another.

How can I create a brand voice?

Here at Brand Voice Marketer, we specialize in helping other marketers to create a brand voice for their company. The absolute best way to learn this process is by signing up for our course. This will give you a series of valuable video lessons, exercises, and feedback from real experts. Our mid-tier option also gives you access to a community that will support you as you create and implement a brand voice for yourself or a client.

If you want some quick help to get started creating a brand voice, then check out our article Reverse Engineering Your Brand Voice. This will give you a simple project for starting to create your brand voice.

That’s it for this post. Stay tuned for more big ideas from this little site. Happy brand voice marketing!

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A Business Built on Free Cookies

A Business Built on Free Cookies

Friday, April 21, 2017 is the day The Content Reactor came online. We launched with a humble party at Coco in downtown Minneapolis. Our goal was to debate Kirk vs. Picard and make a buttload of cookies.

Why cookies?

Because giving out free cookies is a perfect description of our company.

 Co-founder Elisha Montgomery squishes the dough into enterprise-like discs for an even bake.

Co-founder Elisha Montgomery squishes the dough into enterprise-like discs for an even bake.

Cookies for All

Our tiny shared kitchen pumped out over 80 cookies with the help of my wife’s awesome baking skills and Elisha’s uncanny ability to follow directions.

During our two hours in the Game Room, we gave out a lot of warm, fluffy chocolate chip cookies. This helped us get to know the entrepreneurial community and make friends. Plus, when there were lulls we played darts and dropped beats 😉

The only bad part was that I lost the great Kirk vs. Picard debate to my Co-founder Elisha.

 I’m the first to admit that it was a landslide.

I’m the first to admit that it was a landslide.

Why Do Free Cookies Represent The Content Reactor?

Let’s think about the effect that giving a free cookie has:

  • It makes people happy
  • It keeps them full and satisfied
  • It makes them like the person who gives them the cookie

Giving out free cookies is an awesome way to meet people and build relationships. After all, who’s going to turn down a free cookie?

At The Content Reactor, we have the same goal for all of our projects. We believe that your business’s content (blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, copywriting, etc.) should:

  • Make your prospects happy
  • Quickly solve a problem or concern that they have
  • Make them trust and like your company so that they’re more open to your products and services

If more people gave out free cookies the world would be a better place. If your company produces amazing content that solves problems and makes prospects happy, then it will make the world a better place and you’ll reap the rewards of being helpful and kind.

The Content Reactor wants to power your business with content that solves your customers’ problems. We want to help you give out “cookies” instead of flyers or catalogs.

Stay tuned. The reactor is already warming some fresh new ideas for your business.

Want a Cookie?

We’ll let you know about our next free cookie event as soon as the space is booked. But for now, let us create a roadmap to help you get past your current content challenges. Set up a 15-minute call here and we’ll get the ball rolling.

 Thanks for reading! Here's a picture of a Picard cookie jar for you...only problem is it looks nothing like Picard.

Thanks for reading! Here’s a picture of a Picard cookie jar for you… the only problem is it looks nothing like Picard.