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Case Study

Minnesota coworking space drives leads with content marketing

How Fueled Collective created new sales opportunities with the help of The Content Reactor.


Client: Fueled Collective (formerly COCO)

Service: Buyer personas, brand voice, content strategy, content planning

Date: June 2018

Website: fueledcollectivemn.com

Making smarter marketing decisions during a brand transition

At the beginning of 2018, Fueled Collective had a strong following and a new strategy to roll out its own brand of coworking nationally. But, increased competition and a name change meant there was a bumpy marketing road ahead.

Finding the right marketing strategies

Competing on ad spend simply wasn’t an option. To succeed against competitors with deep pockets, Fueled Collective needed to allocate its marketing dollars intentionally.

Our goal going in was to understand the mindset of  Fueled Collective’s members and understand what they loved about the brand. We did this through a member survey and voice of customer interviews.

Additionally, we worked with the leadership team to identify the company’s positioning, differentiators, and ultimate goal.

We found that Fueled Collective members were highly interested in growing and improving their businesses. They wanted a connection to a local community with the expertise to support them through each phase of growth.

Creating the right narrative and content

After taking the additional step of touring the competitors’ spaces and understanding their marketing, our team was able to create:

  • a brand narrative that truly differentiated Fueled Collective;
  • a series of buyer personas to give the marketing plans greater focus;
  • a persona-based content marketing calendar that covered high value topics that are of interest to members and prospects;
  • a series of lead magnets aligned to each content marketing campaign;
  • a brand voice to help Fueled Collective create an authentic style for its content.

These deliverables gave Fueled Collective’s in-house marketing team a 12-month plan for attracting leads.


A word from Fueled Collective’s CEO

As we transitioned our brand from COCO to Fueled Collective, we had to rediscover our voice within this new brand. I’ve worked with a lot of consultants in the past, but with The Content Reactor, things were different. Their team brought a thoughtful approach to the table and delivered a game plan that was aspirational and practical at the same time. Now we have a true strategy, whereas before we were just producing content.

Kyle Coolbroth

ceo+co-founder, Fueled Collective (formerly COCO)

The Results

Fueled Collective’s results go far beyond the numbers. It discovered a new way to approach and measure marketing success.

448 leads generated

After producing our recommended series of lead magnets, Fueled Collective brought in 448 new contacts. This provided its team with a full sales funnel.


8 point domain authority increase

After implementing our content plan and SEO recommendations, Fueled Collective’s domain authority increased from 19 to 27.

A new way to approach marketing

By dividing revenue channels and marketing methods by persona, Fueled Collective was able to better focus and organize its efforts.

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