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The Story of Five Guys

The Story of Five Guys Burgers and Fries

“The private burger chain has 1,039 stores open in the U.S. and Canada, and another 1,500 committed to build. Since 2006 the company has grown 792%, according to Technomic, a Chicago-based food industry research group.”
– Five Guys Burgers: America’s Fastest Growing Restaurant Chain


 fan art from a Five Guys Restaurant

fan art from a Five Guys Restaurant


One day in November there was nothing for dinner. Too lazy to grocery shop or cook, I decided to run by the Five Guys in town.

Of course being one of the two good restaurants by my house, it was completely packed. I waited in line, placed my order, and stepped aside to wait. Modern man that I am, I decided to read my emails and refresh my Instagram feed at least 20 times. I slid my hand into my pocket to grab my phone and found nothing. I’d left it in the car. But, what happened next surprised me even more.

As I desperately looked around for something to do, I started to notice something. Next to the cash register there was a whiteboard with the names and locations of the farms that provided the ingredients. Fresh potatoes and sacks of peanuts lined the walls and reminded me of the freshness of the ingredients. Above the sacks were rave reviews from newspapers around the country. All of these details showed me how much Five Guys cares about the quality of their food.

As I watched the employees work, I saw how organized they were. Every order was neatly placed on the counter with the necessary wrappers lined up alongside it. Each burger was built in the same order. They even used a metal tub to measure how many French fries to put into the bottom of the bag. There were details everywhere.

I was so impressed that when I got home I visited their website and saw the same simple, consistent approach. Their site is ridiculously spartan, but it’s totally congruent with their approach.

What makes Five Guys so consistent and unique? Five Guys has a brand voice (a consistent way of communicating their values through words) and they let it permeate every part of their business. It even affects how many fries they put into the bottom of the bag.

  • Do you want the same ridiculously clear style?
  • Do you want people to fall in love with your brand?
  • Do you want your core values to shine through in every little thing your business does?

You’ll achieve all of these things with the right brand voice.

You need a consistent way of communicating that’s in line with your company’s core values and your customers’ unique personalities. Why does the way your business communicates matter so much? Could your communication style matter even more than the final product?

In this book, I’ll teach you how to create an unmistakable voice for your brand. One that will turn fair-weather customers into die-hard fans and bored employees into brand advocates.

This quote sums up the entire book:
“It’s easier to love a brand that loves you back.”
– Seth Godin