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Brands that Speak: How to create a brand voice guide

Brands That Speak will teach you how to create a brand voice.

Why should you read this special online edition of Brands that Speak?

Customers are 4 times more likely to buy from a company with whom they feel an emotional connection. If you could increase customer loyalty and conversions by 4 times just by changing how you communicate, would you do it? Of course! The real question is: how can you do it?

People want to connect with other human beings because they can build a relationship with them based on emotion. This is something they can’t do with a cold, traditional business presence. To succeed, businesses need to make their brands feel and sound more human. That’s where a brand voice comes in.

Brands that Speak will teach you how to create emotional connections, write in a style that’s ridiculously unique to your brand, and gain and maintain a loyal customer base. You’ll achieve all of these things by creating a brand voice.

In our online guide, we’ll teach you exactly how to create a brand voice for your company. You can also download our brand voice creation template and brand voice style guide template. These resources will give you a big headstart.

Section 1: Brand voice basics

Photo by Jason Rosewell  on UnsplashIn this section, you’ll learn why you need a brand voice, how to choose the right one, and how to reverse engineer your brand voice.

Introduction: The Story of Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Chapter 1: Why your brand needs an influential voice

Sidebar: Interview with Entrepreneur Paul Kemp

Chapter 2: Choosing a Brand Voice

Chapter 3: Reverse Engineering your Brand Voice

Section 2: Laying the framework for your brand voice

Photo by Fleur Treurniet  on UnsplashTo get people to use your brand voice consistently, you need to show them how to do it. This section will teach you how to create a detailed brand voice style guide.

Chapter 4: What details should you include in your brand voice

Sidebar: Interview with Content Marketer Tamas Torok

Chapter 5: How to create a brand voice style guide

Section 3: Implementing your brand voice

Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov  on UnsplashNow that you’ve put all of this work into creating your brand voice you need to implement it. This section will teach you how to train your employees, run quality assurance, and refresh your content.

Chapter 6: Training employees to use your brand voice

Chapter 7: How to make sure your content is written with your brand voice

Chapter 8: How to implement a brand voice at your company

Section 4: Closing thoughts and brand voice templates

Photo by Alexa Mazzarello  on UnsplashIn the final chapter of our guide, you’ll recap what you learned and be able to download our brand voice creation template.

Chapter 9: Top things to remember about your brand voice