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Interview with an Entrepreneur: Paul Kemp

Interview with Entrepreneur Paul Kemp

What do you do?

My name is Paul Kemp and I’m the host of the AppGuy Podcast, a show that inspires entrepreneurs, startup founders, solopreneurs, appreneurs, who want to live a fulfilled life of freedom and independence doing their own thing. So I primarily run my show, and then also I build apps, I launch app companies, and I’m totally into the “app space”.

What role does your voice play in your podcast and business?

The role that my voice plays in my podcast and my business is incredibly important, because what it enables me to do is to build up trust with my audience through my voice. That means when people, like yourself, Alex, reach out to me, typically it’s because you’ve already listened to some of the episodes. And therefore, in our conversations we can move beyond a skeptical viewpoint to a one of trust-based relationship, which means we can do so much more with regards to joint-ventures, client relationships, and generally doing business together. So, I’ve emphasized the importance of my voice as a brand [inaudible] my incoming business. It’s essential.

What marketing techniques have helped your apps achieve success?

There’s no one magic button that will enable anyone to achieve success with an app launch. In a way, the app market has become very commercial and dominated by the big players. However, there are things that have worked for me in the past, such as, getting a really good influencer behind the app who can then push it out to his or her audience. And that has been almost the one with the most successful app launch which reached number 2 in the Apple AppStore in the U.S., which is a very big deal. Minecraft especially an app that cost $3 to download. It was because of a top influencer who had a wonderfully engaged audience ready to purchase the app on day one. So, that’s essential.

But also I do some other growth hacking, such as putting the apps onto Product Hunt. Which is a wonderful platform to reach tens of thousands of key people and visitors. Also, I do some lifehacking with regards to Reddit, the platform that has in excess of 120 million views per month to its home page. I have various influencers who post on relevant subreddits and have enough momentum to build some up votes and get to the top of “Hot” and “Trending”, and that means that I can get some good attention without having to go through the Gatekeeper of the Press, which is always very hard to get them to write about you.

Also, I did want to mention that the other thing I do with successful app launches is build key relationships with the tech journalists. I use a tool called “Just Reach Out” which enables me to find out who’s writing about relevant stuff that I am into. And, it’s a genius idea because then I can connect with like-minded journalists. And those influencers who are genuinely interested in what I have to say, in fact, will want to promote my app. We also get endorsement from high-profile people and my latest app has an endorsement from the co-founder of Apple, called Steve Wozniak, who worked alongside Steve Jobs, which is very good as a proof statement on the success and the seriousness of the app. But finally, I also, as I say, get influencers and journalists to write about me in the fact that I’m building up these relationships with them.

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