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Chapter 9: Top things to remember about your brand voice

Chapter 9: Top things to remember about your brand voice

What you’ll learn: It’s time for you to start your brand voice journey. This chapter contains parting advice to keep you on track.

All right dear reader, it’s time to get serious about brand voices. In this book, you’ve learned all the basics of creating an amazing brand voice for your company or your clients. Don’t let these tools rust away in the back of a dirty garage. Take them out and make something amazing.

You’ve seen that creating a brand voice can be a challenge. It takes a lot of work, and the journey from conception to implementation can take several months. But, the effort is well worth it.

Thomas Edison didn’t regret inventing the lightbulb (he’s a bad example though, because he was a jerk). Albert Einstein didn’t regret discovering the theory of relativity (yeah, Einstein’s a baller). It was his crowning achievement and pushed others in his field toward great discoveries. But, it obviously wasn’t easy, it was the culmination of a lot of hard work.

In the same way, having a fully formed brand voice is the culmination of all your time and effort. But, you won’t regret it. You’ll be proud of your accomplishment and see great changes in your business as a result of it. Additionally, by creating a brand voice you’ll make writing easier for every content producer at your company and delight thousands of prospects with your unique voice. Creating your own brand voice is absolutely worth it.

One more time

Let’s go over the benefits of a brand voice one more time, just in case you need a little bit more motivation. There’s a lot, but here are the main ones:

  • Brands with a voice can cut through the noise and stand out in everything that they do.
  • You’ll be able to communicate new and old ideas in a way that feels phresh and original.
  • Your brand voice will forge an emotional connection with consumers causing them to react to your content instead of comparing it logically.
  • A brand voice creates an entire company culture that can build fierce loyalty in your employees and your customers, ensuring that they stick by your side.

Yes, a brand voice can do all of these things and so much more (cue infomercial music). But, to get all of this, you need to put in the work.

Think of it this way, right now you probably use a website, blog, business cards, social media posts, print materials, and emails to keep your company moving forward. All these little pieces of content reach out like tiny sales fingers that draw in consumers. When you create a brand voice, you don’t lose or change your existing inroads; you make them more effective.

Imagine if your website, blog, business cards, social media posts, print materials, and emails, were all just a few percent more effective. What would that do for your bottom line? How would it affect your company’s visibility? Would it help you to achieve your strategic goals? With a brand voice, you can materialize these results in a way that’s organic and sustainable. You can up your game and intensify what you’re already doing right.

Simple strategies

A long-term content strategy is non-existent at most companies, and if there is one, it’s generally not all that consistent. Having a brand voice in place simplifies your content planning and gives you a clear marketing strategy.

With a brand voice, you no longer have to guess at what your customers will respond to or how to write. You’ll have the research, guidelines, and tools needed to churn out amazing content quickly. This also keeps your content and marketing consistent across the years. Obviously, there will be tweaks and changes over time. But no matter what, you’ll keep being the same company that customers are loyal to.

The lesson? If you want a simple marketing strategy that you can count on, create a brand voice.

Content is an ocean, don’t drown

Every day more and more content is produced. Some bad, some good, and some amazing. You can compare all of this content to a complex ocean with currents, ecosystems, and more variety than you can imagine. Will your company’s content float? Or will it sink like the Titanic?

If your content can’t stand out in this ocean, then how can you expect your business to stand out from the competition? How can you expect to make any real impact with your marketing?

You can’t!

To create content that succeeds and a business that sustainable, you need to build it right from the ground up. You need a brand that people will fall in love with and be loyal to. To achieve long-term success, you need a brand voice!

Enzo the Final Battle

Over the past few months Enzo has learned a lot. He understands his customers, their challenges, and the way that his firm has made an impact. He knows what the competition is doing and he knows how to be different. Most importantly he knows what he believes in and he has a voice that represents it.

After launching his brand voice, Enzo noticed a fundamental shift in his employees. They were more engaged in their work since they understood the positive effect it had and they were better communicators. They knew which terms clients did and didn’t understand and the types of examples that clicked with them.

When Enzo grew his business to 15 employees, he struggled to stand out in the market. All the other firms his size offered the same services and had similar experience. His sales pitch was exactly the same as there’s. Now he had a way to stand out and appeal to the customers that he loved working with.

In the following months, Enzo saw that their more focused blog and social media posts were getting more shares and likes than before. Prospects would call based on something they read on his site. They felt understood and thought that the Enzo’s company was different from all the other firms out there.

Enzo had a meaningful impact on people’s lives, kept growing his business, and made his employees feel engaged in the business. He did this by creating a brand voice.

I’d like to tell you that Enzo’s story is real and he’s a good buddy. But, the truth is that his fictional story is designed to show the real-world effect that a brand voice can have.

Enzo’s story can be your story.  Will you be another voice shouting the same message in a crowd? Or, will you share a message that’s meaningful and unmistakably your own? I think we can agree that the second option is the logical choice. To achieve that effect, you need to create a brand voice.